Al monitor: Will Iraq’s wetlands join World Heritage List?

In parallel, other Iraqi governmental bodies and nongovernmental organizations are busy with media activities and campaigns to support the inclusion of the Iraqi sites and marshlands in the World Heritage List.

Laith Shubbar, the head of the Development Center for Energy and Water, told Al-Monitor, “The center created a media campaign using the hashtag #YourVoteForYourNation to support the marshlands and is now organizing art activities and events for this purpose.”

He added, “These events include a 1,000-meter painting that will be the longest painting in the world, drawn by children and calling for supporting the inclusion of the marshlands on the World Heritage List.”

He pointed out that French Ambassador Marc Baretti toured the marshlands May 31 as part of a campaign event, suggesting that his country may support the campaign to have it listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.


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